3 Great Ways to Re-use Altoid Tins

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Three great ideas for re-using those empty Altoid tins once you’ve eaten the mints:

Ear bud case for your gym bag.

Lipstick case for your purse.

Kid’s Busy Box for your car.

(Instructions here.)

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  1. says

    My mom always used an old Sucrets tin box for sewing pins and needles and some chalk…I found one at Brimfield so now I do too! :) Love these ideas too!

  2. Pamela Foster says

    I utilize them for Splenda packets. Both my father and mother in law are diabetic, and they love it as a gift. Great to stuff stockings!

  3. Shelley says

    I use plastic baby food containers for batteries, loose screws, etc. I had a relative with a baby save them for me. Great for organizing the junk drawer and they stack well too.

  4. Mary says

    I have one in my purse with pills, bandage, etc as a tiny first aid kit, and one is perfect for ob tampons.

    They are also fun to decorate.

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