Marriage Minute: A Good Laugh

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(This is a repost from February 2010, but the message is so good that I had to post it again!)

I love to make people laugh and I recently had the opportunity to get a good laugh at my husband’s expense. I’m so glad that I chose not to. A few minutes later another woman stood up to “praise” her husband, but her words were full of sarcasm and verbal jabs. I felt embarrassed for her and for her husband.

Early in our marriage a wise man told us to never criticize each other in public. That advice has been so good for our relationship over the years. Husbands need to be respected, not belittled.

The desire to say negative things about your spouse to others reveals unresolved anger in your heart and is a sure sign that you need to talk to someone— your spouse.  If communication has broken down completely, go together to see your pastor or a counselor.

Don’t let bitterness poison your marriage.  Make sure that your next good laugh is one that you enjoy together.

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  1. Kathy says

    These are very wise words! How would we feel if our husbands laughed at us in public!! Not making fun of our spouse, or anyone else for that matter is a sign of a grown up!

  2. Heather says

    truly sage advice… it really so easy to get a laugh at someone else’s expense and it hurts more than we know.

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