Q&A: How Can I Stick With An Organizational System?

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Q: “I like the idea of using an organizing binder, but no matter what kind of planner I try, I never stick to anything very long.” 

A: I have to admit that for years I had the very same problem. I honestly had a box in my closet of all the old planners that I had used for a while and then gotten tired of. I eventually discovered two things:

1. I had to find something that worked for me.

2. I had to use it. (duh–right?!)


Find What Works

If you saw my Brain in a Binder video here, you may have thought,”Wow, she’s really organized!”

The truth is that organizing my life like this has taken years to develop. My purpose in making the video was not to overwhelm anyone, but to give moms ideas for how they could organize their own lives.

When I was a young mother with four children under the age of 5, I realized quickly that I had to get organized or go crazy! My first plan was to write a simple morning routine on a piece of paper and place it on the refrigerator where I could see it.

At first I had to check that paper every day, then eventually that routine became a habit and I no longer needed the paper. I then moved on to making a menu plan for the week and continued adding areas until I developed the system that I use today.


It’s Not the Tool, It’s You

Organization is not a one time event, but a building process and that process doesn’t depend on the latest and greatest organizational tool. It depends on you developing habits and routines one at a time, then building on those successes to develop new habits and routines.

The best way to begin the process is to choose a specific area that you want to improve and make a plan that will work for you: a list on the fridge, a post-it note on the bathroom mirror, a small notebook you carry with you or a binder that you leave on the counter. Find what you will use, not what someone else thinks is a good idea.


Develop A Routine

In order for any organizational tool, planner or list to work, you have to use it. Begin by making a habit of checking your plan each morning and throughout the day.

Once you have consistently checked the tool you are using for several weeks, you will find that you have developed a habit which will enable you to add further organizational skills to your life.


Adjust When Necessary

Different tools will work for different situations and seasons in life. I am a stay at home mom now, so using a binder that sits on my desk works well. When I was a working mother, I used a smaller planner that fit in my purse as well as work files in a leather tote.

As time has passed I have adjusted my Daily Planner to a Weekly Planner and I’ve changed the format several times just in the last year. Each time I tweaked an area that wasn’t working well for me or a part of our schedule that changed due to outside activities.


If you would like help to start organizing an area of your life, you can see all of The Peaceful Mom printable planners here.


If you have a question you would like answered just send me an email: Kimberlee @ ThePeacefulMom . com!


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