A Clean Desk Is A Sign Of Sanity

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You may have heard the saying,”A clean desk is a sign of insanity.”

I have to disagree. A clean desk is a sign of sanity restored.

I have a lot going on in my life and my desk usually shows it–homeschool papers, receipts and other paperwork can quickly clutter my work space. A cluttered desk keeps me from being productive and is a mental and emotional drain.

At least once a week, and preferably every couple of days, I take a few minutes to file paperwork and receipts. I place the graded homeschool work in the appropriate binder for my highschool students and put stray books back on the shelf. I check my planner to see if anything needs to be re-arranged or crossed off the list.

Starting the day with a clean desk helps me to be more productive and peaceful.

Do you have a weekly desk cleaning session? How do you stay organized?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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    Oh good someone that understands me! It’s extremely difficult to keep the desk anywhere close to organized since Memorial Day. My other half has been home full time and he does not car nor support any sort of organization. I am working on a resolution. [insert big grin here] My favorite thing to do to keep things organized is to take papers from school that we need/ want to keep and immediately running through the three hole puncher and placing them in a specified binder on the desk. Neat, clean, organized and ready to be put in my archive next summer! :)

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