Best Baked Potatoes Vlog

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I was looking through You Tube and found a video I had forgotten about. The lighting is a little strong and there is some background noise, but it’s a great tip for make delicious baked potatoes.

By the way, after we made the video I put the glass dish on the stove top while the oven pre-heated. A friend came over to chat and as we were talking I turned the stove top on to boil the water for the steamed broccoli. I kept talking and in a few minutes we heard a high pitch whistling sound followed by a horrific explosion! Glass went everywhere.

I had turned on the burner under the potatoes instead of the broccoli. :0 Thankfully no one was injured, but needless to say, we had something else for dinner that night. Ha!

If you can’t play the video, click here.

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