Save Money: Cheap Drawer Organizers

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Have drawers that look like this? Check out this cheap and easy fix.


I recycled the plastic containers from fresh strawberry and blueberry packaging.   The colored boxes in the front right of the drawer are from a gift set.

Of course, I could go and buy plastic drawer organizers for a few dollars, but this works well for now and cost nothing!


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  1. Mandi says

    Haha, love this especially since I’ve done the same thing – ink pad corral – repurposed strawberry container. :) They also make great craft supplies organizer. The 1 pound and 2 pound containers are great for ribbon spools. You put the ribbon spools in and thread the ribbon ends thru the holes. Instant ribbon dispenser.

  2. Reva says

    Velveeta box bottoms are the best. I put tools–i.e. screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, dykes, levels— you name it in several bottoms in 1989 Numerous times a week I slide out the box to get the needed tool and to this day I have not needed to replace a single box. I keep nails and screws in pill bottles in a Velveeta box bottom.

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