Get Organized: FREE Printable One Year Planner

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Click here to print The Peaceful Mom One Year Planner.

Use this FREE printable Yearly Planner Page to see all your major events for this year at a glance.

I use the One Year Planner to write upcoming events like graduations, weddings, birthdays, vacations and holidays so that I can view at a glance the busier times of the year. I then try to plan events that are flexible (such as doctor and dentist appointments) during less busy times.

You can also use the One Year Planner to remind yourself of tasks that need to be done seasonally like taking winter clothes from storage, shopping for bathing suits in April, spring cleaning, etc.


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  1. Victoria says

    Thank you so much for your website and most of all giving great resources that can help individuals who don’t have natural organization skills. I am a mom, my son is 8, a wife, and a full time student studying to be a Drug and Alcohol Addition Counselor, with a major in Psychology, and I do over 50% of my work online from home. Which means, I have to keep a home office organized along with the rest of my home. I also have horrible chronic migraines, so it gets hard for me to get organized and stay that way. Also, One of the things that I have to do to try to keep my migraines under control is to live by a relatively strict schedule, and to keep my stress level at a minimum. I am hoping your Printable planners and your other tips can help me not only keep myself organized but my family as well, I really want build on my sons organizational skills so he won’t struggle with it as an adult like I am. Thanks again for your wonderful resource. Victoria Tepe

    • says

      You are very welcome Victoria. I have found that people who are naturally organized like to “help” others, but if you are not naturally organized those methods don’t work. I have had to work at becoming organized, so I’m just sharing what has worked for me. It sounds like you have already found some things that help (keeping a strict schedule for example). Just remember that if you try one of my ideas and it doesn’t work for you, adjust it to meet your needs. Blessings!

  2. Katie Grosvenor says

    Oooh, thanks for this! This one will be especially useful in my planner to keep track of next year. I don’t need a whole calendar for it yet, but I need to know things like, my sister is getting married in April, so most of April will probably be busy doing last minute wedding things.

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