Gift Idea: Candy Cane Bath Salts

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Candy Cane Bath Salts: Need a Stress Free Christmas gift? Make these easy Candy Cane Bath Salts with a FREE printable label!



2 cups sea salt or Epsom Salt

10-12 drops red food coloring (more if using sea salt)

1 teaspoon peppermint extract or peppermint essential oil (or more if desired)

glass jar with air tight lid

ribbon or other decorative accents



Pour salt into a glass bowl. Add oil and combine well making sure to remove lumps.

Add the red food coloring 5 drops at a time and stir. I leave some chunks unbroken to make the salt look like broken candy canes.

Allow mixture to sit overnight to completely dry. Pour into the glass container, add ribbon and label/instruction tag.


Click here to print the Candy Cane Bath Salts Labels (four to a page). {NEW–updated label!}

Click here to print a single Candy Cane Bath Salts label.

Use as is or glue to a piece of scrapbooking paper (I used a red checked pattern). Adhere label to the jar using double sided tape.



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    • says

      Sorry Keri, I am really not sure unless the food coloring is old maybe? I did use less food coloring in the batch I made for the photo and mine made little tiny clumps which you can see. Another thought is to use less of the essential oil. Hope this helps.

    • Sigrun Eir says

      Hi! I was just thinking, do I HAVE to use an air tight lid??
      I bought 5 jars without the air tight lid, and I was just thinking if I should buy new ones, or do you think it’s OK to just have jars with the regular “jam-jar” lid?
      Thanks and I love this idea!

      • says

        The only issue is that if the salts are kept in the bathroom where there is a lot of humidity, they will clump together if they are exposed to the moisture. I think a regular screw-type lid like you find on a jam jar would be fine. I would consider that an air-tight lid.

  1. Claire says

    How far in advance can I make this? I want to make sure it still looks good and smells good on Christmas. Though, I am determined to not be last minute this year. Thank you!

    • says

      Great question Claire! I cannot give you an “official” answer because I haven’t done any testing, but the only ingredient that could potentially “go bad” would be the essential oil. I am guessing that making these salts two months before you plan to give them would be fine.

  2. Sydnie says

    I made these just recently and I love them! I also found that if you want the peppermint scent in the bathroom while you are bathing just keep the lid open! I do have a question though. Can you put the salts with soap and wash your body? And can you put the same amount in the shower just to get the smell? Do you have anymore easy recipes like this? Thanks

    • Kimberlee Stokes says

      Woohoo! So glad that you enjoyed them Sydnie. Yes, you can add the salts to body wash. The salt acts as an exfoliant so I would add the salts to a thicker body wash to protect your skin.

      I don’t have any more body care recipes on the blog but you can check out my DIY Gifts on a Budget Pinterest Board here for more scrub recipe ideas.

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