printable grocery list

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CLICK TO PRINT The Peaceful Mom GROCERY LIST.  I place this on the refrigerator and mark items when I notice we’re getting low, so we never run out of anything.

Click to print the TPM Multiple Store Shopping List

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  1. J Murphy says

    I am loving your ideas…..but my brain seems to be frozen this week….LOL I am currently sauteeing a large pan of ground meat with onions- I saw a post from you about various ways to use it in later recipes, but can’t locate it again….where do I look for that? I think it was about preparing meats before freezing….

  2. Mary says

    Thank you very much! I love your helpful information, by the way. Very practical and do-able even for an unorganized Mom like myself!

  3. K Wheeler says

    Hey! I have been “stalking” your blog for a while. Trying to become organized enough simply to incorporate your ideas! You have shed so much light in my life, you have NO idea. So I’m proud to say that today , I will be taking my first step by menu planning! I have also written out a “Staples” list of everything that we normally have in the house and that we use, so that we can simply check what needs to be replenished. You are AWESOME! I look forward to going on this journey and making it a lifestyle.

    Many Blessings,

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