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Stress Free Holidays--The Peaceful Mom

Want to enjoy a Stress Free Christmas? Use this FREE printable Christmas Activity Planner and Calendar to plan your activities.



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Click to print The Peaceful Mom Christmas Activity Planner and  December 2014 Calendar.

You can also print the Christmas Activity Planner completely in green here.


A few years ago, Christmas became a very stressful time around our house. We had four young children, very little money and many obligations. After that Christmas I sat down and made a list of all the things I hated and all the things I enjoyed about the season. Out of that experience, I have created The Peaceful Mom Christmas Activity Planner.

Here are three steps to a Stress Free Christmas season:

Step 1– Decide what you and your family enjoy.

Use the first part of the the Planner to write in every activity, person and place that brings joy to you and your family during this time of year.

Step 2- Prioritize.

Ask yourself,”If I could do just one activity this year, what would it be?”. Write that item by the number one in the second part of the planner. Continue until you have filled in ten items in their order of importance to your family.  You can of course do more than ten, but I find that ten is a good number to maintain a balance of fun and rest.

Step 3- Fill in the Calendar.

First write in events with dates that you already know. Then fill in the remaining dates with your top priorities.  Remember to include time to rest and hang out at home. Too much activity leads to grumpy people!

You can also read my post on Frugal Family Fun for budget-friendly ideas this Christmas. You may also want to read “How To Say No.”


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