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My friend Tisha who is a nurse and has a son with Autism shared these great resources with me.


Autism SpeaksAdvocacy and information for those dealing with autism.  The website also has a blog where you can connect with other parents.  Blog link here.

ICDRC-Based in Florida, the ICDRC is a treatment center with 4 traditional doctors.  Dr. Rossignol has two sons with autism and has read about 4,000 articles on autism.

Autism Research Institute (ARI)


NAET–  alternative medicine treatment that helps to deal with the allergies behind autism.


Gluten Free Casein Free Diet Overview Article


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  1. Becky Foxworth says

    did you see my post yesterday about them using aborted fetuses’ dna with vaccines and the possible connection to the rise in autism? crazy!

  2. beveanne mckinley says

    autism speaks doesnt speak for me..if you want to know how your son feels check out wrong planet…asperger awareness, google “you might be an aspie if” ,most of what you have on this page are groups that treat us as if there is something wrong with us.we arent crazy we just think rationaly instead of emotionally. we love just as much and learn just as much and can teach just as much we are just different but einstein, stephen king, stephen hawking, and so many other of the great scientific creators are or were autistic. its not something to be ashamed of. its not something you should have to hide. or cure i read something the other day that you may or may not be able to accept. “when my mom says she wishes i didnt have aspergers its like she is saying i wish i had a different child, because i wouldnt be who i am any other way” that was from a 14 year old boy who was thinking of the other ending because4 of a lack of aceptance by his mother who should love him unconditional love.and always saying she didnt want him hurts. so these groups that you are forwarding the agendas of..keep in mind that they are out to cull your son and others like me from the pack.

    • says

      Thank you. I will definitely check out that website. I’m just a mom looking for help for my son. I definitely agree with you that people with Aspergers aren’t crazy. I also agree with you that I should not make my son feel as if I don’t accept him. I apologize if that came across in my posts. I love my son and he brings me a lot of joy. Thanks for reminding me to keep that in the forefront of my mind.!

  3. beveanne harrold says

    and if you are willing to expiriment a little on your cooking check out turmeric as a regularly used spice, especially before an event your son may find stressful. wonderful stuff.

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