7 Real Ways to Make Money From Home

by Kimberlee Stokes Affiliate Link Disclosure B

7 Real Ways to Make Money from Home - The Peaceful Mom


7 Real Ways to Make Money from Home

If life just seems to be getting more and more expensive and you (like many families) need to find a way to bring more money into your household, here are a few ideas for real ways to bring extra cash into your home quickly.

Post On Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows you to sell your service for $5. People are offering everything from taking a picture holding a sign to recording a voice over in a British accent. There is even an offer to prank call a friend.

Five dollars may not seem like much, but if you have a skill that you can offer in small “bites”, and you have some creativity, Fiverr can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Alternatively, you might find local news sources to advertise your services for a super cheap price and achieve the same effect.


Use the Amazon Trade-In Program

One quick way to make some extra money is to trade your used items using the Amazon Trade-In Program. Gather the items you want to sell, check the going price, print a label and receive a credit to Amazon for your items. While Amazon credit isn’t cash, there are many items that you can buy there such as these household items that I buy on Amazon..

Click here to read all the details for the Amazon Trade-In Program.


Recycle for Money

Speaking of used items you have around the house, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and you can make lots of money by recycling the right kind of items.

  • Collect aluminum cans and take them to a local recycling center. (Check with the center beforehand to find out their requirements.)
  • Buy wedding and prom dresses at the thrift store and resell them to consignment stores. (Check with the consignment store first to find out what they will accept.)
  • Salvage & repair or paint old furniture to resell on Craigslist.
  • Buy used collectibles, books and children’s items at yard sales and resell them on eBay.


Start a Business

Starting your own business may seem daunting, but the truth is that if you have a talent or skill that you can offer others, you can make money. Have a set of professional-looking business cards printed, set up a separate checking account for all of your business money and you are ready to go. A few ideas to get you started:

  • Become a virtual assistant (See my Resources Page here for a great book!)
  • Offer babysitting or after-school care (check with your local municipality for regulations.)
  • Open an Etsy store to sell hand-made items.
  • Clean houses or offer a garage cleaning service.
  • Offer a tailoring service for busy professionals.
  • Teach a class to adults or children in your area.

Make sure to check with a tax professional concerning how your business income will affect your tax filing.


Search with Swag Bucks

Another one of my favorite ways to earn easy money is using Swag Bucks just for doing the things you already do online like using search engines, printing coupons, watching videos, or making online purchases.  Your Swag Bucks can then be redeemed for a variety of gift cards like Starbucks, Target and other retails, or for PayPal credit.

Our family has been using Swag Bucks since 2009 and those Amazon gift cards and PayPal credits come in very handy for purchasing gifts or household items as I mentioned above. The easiest way to earn is by using Swag Bucks as your search engine instead of Google or Bing and you can even download a toolbar so searching is easy. It usually takes a few weeks to earn enough for a $5 Amazon gift card, but if you have more time, you can earn more easily.

Click here to sign up for Swag Bucks for free!


Complete Online Surveys

Another easy way to earn money online is to complete surveys for marketing companies. Click here for a list of my favorite survey companies to sign up with and details about how they work. You certainly won’t get rich with online surveys, but you can definitely bring a little extra money into your household.


Be Creative

Readers have told me about many money making ideas that I haven’t tried such as donating blood plasma for money or participating in medical studies. With a little research you may find an idea that you can use or it may spark an idea for your own service business. The best way to make money is to find something that no one else wants to do or has the time to do then do it for them.

You can begin with a few short-term strategies and then work up to longer-term strategies such as building your own business. Your ability to make money is only limited by your willingness to work hard and your ability to create opportunities for yourself.


If you have other great ideas for making money from home, leave a comment!   

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Get Organized! My Personal Planner Update (pt. 1)

by Kimberlee Stokes Affiliate Link Disclosure B

Get Organized - My Planner Update - The Peaceful Mom


Get Organized! My Personal Planner Update

A couple of months ago I shared my new planner with you (click here to read more).

I realize that most of the world has gone digital and planning is primarily done on smart phones, but I personally love using a physical planner. I am a visual learner and I find that I am much more likely to follow through with my plans if I have a planner that I can see in front of me as opposed to a digital device where I have to search for my calendar and notes. I also enjoy using my planner as a creative outlet.

I am sharing my planner here because seeing what others are doing can help you to implement new ideas in your own life.


Planner Organization - Motivation Section - The Peaceful Mom

Motivation Section

I have an incredible talent of waking up every day and completely forgetting the past. Starting each day with a blank slate is a wonderful gift except that I need to remind myself of where I have been and where I am headed. The Motivation Section of my planner reminds me how I need to start my day (my morning routine) and where my focus needs to be.

The left page is a divider that I cut from a file folder and it’s where I keep sticky notes ready to jot down ideas when I am out and about. Once I return home I file the note in the appropriate place in my planner and replace the blank notes for next time.

I use a plastic business card insert and colorful card stock cut to the size of a business card for this section.


Planner Organization - Inspiration - The Peaceful Mom

On the reverse of the business card insert I have inspirational Bible verses and reminders of what I need to do daily to stay healthy.


Planner Organization - Planning Section - The Peaceful Mom

Planning Section

The next section is where I do my specific planning. The page on the left has an inspirational quote that reminds me that I need to schedule and prioritize the steps to my goals in order to see them become a reality. The page on the right is a card stock divider where I place sticky notes with reminders of projects I want to complete.


2014 Planner - Yearly Calendar

At the front of the planning section I have a year-at-a-glance calendar. This is where I make a note of important upcoming dates and projects like speaking events. I can see quickly when a month is filling up and move projects around. This section is also helpful for scheduling things which need to happen several times a year like dentist appointments.


Planner Organization - Weekly Section - The Peaceful Mom

Weekly Planning

The next section is the heart of my planner where I plan each week. I sometimes use the weekly planning sheets that I designed myself (click here to print your own set), but I found these pre-printed pages for $10 (normally $30) at an office supply store going-out-of-business sale. I enjoy having the option of a little more structure.

My favorite part of this section is my bookmark. I use this to remind me of my weekly goals. The top note is my reading list for the week. The second note contains my overall life priorities and the third note is important tasks or projects that need to be completed for the week. The last note contains my blogging plan for the week. I love using this system because I have one place to look for everything I need to know for my week. If I become distracted, it is easy to re-focus.

Using a personal planner has made a HUGE difference in my productivity and my enjoyment of life. In my next post, I’ll share the last half of my planner. 

Do you use a digital planner or a paper planner? Leave a comment and tell me why you like what you use.

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